Mark & Nicola- Rumbolds Farm

Mark & Nicola's day, was a day of running inside and outside, away from freak showers to bright sunlight, and the wind...... I don't think I have had such a windy day before (wind is great for veil shots though) Regardless of the weather, Mark and Nicola, carefree and relaxed, made the day a joy to photograph, when in reality rain and bright sunlight are a photographers nightmare.

The literally stepped into a greenhouse full of colourful plants, such a lovely idea giving your guests a plant they can take away and grow for years after (or days knowing me and my luck with looking after plants)

So naturally I make friends with the kids at weddings, not sure why, I just attract them. There were a few in particular, who I like to call green hair boy (his friend dyed his hair with permanent dye days before he started his new school) which I thought was hilarious! Another friend, who I later made my apprentice, will be an amazing photographer when he grows up and hope I pushed him towards this as the boy has talent (he made £5 that night for his skills)

Just want to thank everyone for being great subjects to photograph and making the day very fun! 

Wishing you both all the happiness in your amazing future together.....................................JJP xx

Natalie & Jeremy- Rivervale Barn

Natalie and Jeremy were married at Rivervale Barn, deep in the heart of Hampshire, on a hot Summers day in August. Hot pink, mohawk, pimms, football, coloured socks and pencils are amongst a few things thinking back about the day. Obviously N&J will remember other things about their wedding, but to me, most things I remember visually, as well as maybe a story about a toe? which made all the girls laugh? Anyway, amazing day with two gorgeous people, wishing you lots of love and laughter in your future together. Massive shout out to Jade Eleanor Photography for assisting me...xx


Natalie & Chris- Froyle Park Country Estate

So how can I explain this wedding.......10 out of 10 as Natalie would say! These guys were so laid back and relaxed on the day I felt like I had been mates with them for ages. I even got a gift on the day....a wooden cut out of name, which is on my 'wall of love' at home. First up walking into the room Natalie was getting ready, another girl (who later was a bridesmaid) had a bride to be t-shirt on...I was like hang on.....are you fobbing me off with two weddings they weren't in the end....A lot of guests were Scottish (Natalie's side) and found myself trying to not speak in a Scottish accent, if anyone knows me, my accent is REALLY bad! Also Natalie in her dress...well as the Scots say....... A pritty face suits the dish-cloot, which doesn't exactly some it up as her dish-cloot was amazing, hands down one of my fav this season! (I hope I Googled this correctly)

My day was pretty easy, when my bride and grooms are so laid back, it's easy, plus I had the help of my assistant Sally from SomePlaceNicePhotography, who kindly helped me on this Thursday wedding. Apart from Natalie's step-dad spilling red wine on the table cloth (which I haven't Photoshopped out yet) the day was pretty much perfect........ so Natalie & Chris........Lang may yer lum reek xx

p.s this will be hilarious if I have got these Scottish interpretations wrong......haha


Lara & Howard- Grittenham Barn

This wedding, I knew from the start was going to be bloody good. These two are a couple where you instantly feel like you have been friends with them for ages. When Lara told me she had a two piece wedding dress, I knew, this is a good wedding.......

So when the Groom happens to mention 'oh my Mum is a Wedding Photographer' you think 'great!!' she's going to be watching and judging me all day (which is what I would do going to a wedding as a guest....WHICH IS NEVER)................BUT.........Howards Mum was anything but the person I described above, she 'got me' and understood the battles one Photographer takes at weddings (mainly not eating or drinking to sitting for a long periods of time)

Lara looked stunning, and most of my brides look amazing BUT no lie, Lara looked beautiful, her bridesmaids (mainly her sister) made me feel so welcome that morning and wanted to hang out with them all day. Sometimes my job is easy, some days harder, but this one flowed amazingly. Sometimes the little things people pay so much attention to at weddings, don't matter. Lara & Howard got their friends and family to bake their 20 odd weddings cakes (which they judged at the end in a Baker-off) Howards surname is Baker btw.. 

They had a celebrity turn up in the Best Man's speech.......David Brent.....we all know how that went....they had 'around the world snacks as the canapes.....and in their first dance they finished dancing with emoji faces on their heads......

I don't think I need to say anymore about this wedding....take a look.......xx